martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Esto es fantástico / This is amazing

Hola !
Acabo de mirar mi blog y me di cuenta que he tenido 155 visitas desde el 27 de Diciembre... !! esto es mucho¡¡... pero lo que me tiene muy maravillada es que personas de tantos países tomen tiempo para mirar lo que escribo y mis fotos.

GRACIAS!! Seguiré escribiendo!! Sus visitas me motivan mucho!
I just checked my blog and I realized that I have 155 visits since December 27th. .. That's a LOT!! But what amaze me is the fact that people from so many diferent countries take time to read what I write.

THANKS!!! SO MUCH!! I'll keep writing!! Your visits are so motivating!!

2 comentarios:

  1. I'm one of those who always come to see what's new on your site.
    Keep writing, happy blogging!

  2. I have met you, i have MANY bloggy-land friends from the UK and I now have a follower from Viet Nam. This is such a great way to meet people with like interests fromall over the place.

    I have a map on one blog like the one youhave posted above that has dots onit for where people are from . I just LOVE looking at it. I migh thave to move it to the top of the page so I can see it more often.